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Outstanding Under Desk File Cabinets To Shop in 2022

by PriceDepot @Lecangs 23 Sep 2022
Outstanding Under Desk File Cabinets To Shop in 2022

Needing A File Cabinet In A Paperless World

With the world going digital, we tend to deal with less paper. Unlike before, office tables are no longer submerged in a deluge of paper. And the prevalent issue seems to be finding the confortable means to organize our cables and wires.

Amid this fast-paced digital revolution, it'll be unwise to think that papers would utterly be non-existent. Offices still have thousands of important documents that are yet to be uploaded. Agreements are still being signed on paper, and the bio-data of persons are still stored in hard copy.

As it seems, the paper will still be around for a few more decades. And the need to keep these documents safe and organized will still be important. Consequently, your workspace would not be complete without a file cabinet.

If you are keen on organization, then you know that only the top file cabinet will serve your purpose. Thus, you should get any of these Price Depot file cabinets if you are serious about getting the top file cabinet this year.

Orford Mobile Rolling Pedestal Under Desk Cabinet

The key to getting the top file cabinet is an even blend of cabinet space, compact structure, mobility, and aesthetics. And trust us when we say that the Orford Mobile Rolling Pedestal Under Desk Cabinet is a perfect combination of all these features.

This file cabinet is 23.62" tall, making it easy for you to fit the cabinet under your desk easily. It also has a compact dimension of 15.35" x 17.72" x 23.62". Thus, you don't have to worry about the desk taking up too much floor space.

The storage capacity of this desk is unarguably mind-blowing. For a cabinet so compact, it has a carrying capacity of 330lbs. This carrying capacity is shared amongst the three filing compartments.

The first two compartments are the smallest. These utility drawers allow for easy organization of stationeries, personal effects, and office supplies. At the same time, the third compartment is a large full-extension file drawer. This drawer has removable hanging bars accommodating A4 folders, letter-size, and legal-size hanging folders.

All the drawers in this file cabinet have full-extension slides that allow the drawers to open smoothly and completely.

Orford Mobile Organize Locking File Cabinet

The Orford Mobile Organize Locking File Cabinet is ideal for a spacious under desk cabinet. It has two large drawers with a cumulated weight capacity of 280 pounds. You can trust this cabinet to hold hanging folders in A4, legal-size, and letter-size.

In terms of the structure, this cabinet is made of sturdy metal. The metal construction is coated in anti-rust electrostatic spraying that enhances the durability of this product. The drawer's border-closed design also helps keep off insects and rodents from entering.

But that's not the only security design the cabinet has. A safe lock system with two keys is at the top right corner of the cabinet. The lock secures both drawers keeping them safe from invaders.


These file cabinets are undoubtedly the top under desk file cabinets you'll get anywhere in 2022. They have sturdy structures and large storage, and the unique casters attached to them make mobility a walk in the park.

Luckily, Price Depot has a pocket-friendly discount on these products. For $199.99, you'll get the Orford Mobile Organize Locking File Cabinet instead of the regular price of $214.99. And rather than having to pay $184.99 for the Orford Mobile Rolling Pedestal Under Desk Cabinet, you can buy it now at Price Depot for $159.99.

Jump on these amazing discounts now. You'll be glad you did. Enjoy!

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