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Top Chairs for Home/Work Space in 2022

by PriceDepot @Lecangs 21 Sep 2022
Home and Work Space

Chairs are a major component of both our home and office space. Beyond functionality, chairs add aesthetic value, comfort, and warmth to our spaces. We literally cannot do without them, and a living or working space without chairs will look absurd and will most likely be non-functional.

Because our productivity, comfort, and the beauty of our spaces largely depend on chairs, it is important to choose the top chairs for our homes and office space. But finding the right chairs is not a very easy task for most people. That's why we've made this list of thetop chairs to include in your home/office space in 2022.

TOP Home/Work Space Chairs

Kasorix Scalloped Accent Chair

Artfully designed with vertical channel tufting and scalloped seashell edges, this chair gives your living space a chic and elegant look and feel. It features a thickened headrest, wide backrest, and a curved cushion that together release pressure on the waist and hips and eliminates backache from prolonged sitting.

The Kasorix scalloped accent chair is beautiful, comfortable, and durable. It is upholstered in rich, tightly-stitched, stain-resistant velvet. The padded round seat with an embedded spring coil system offers maximum comfort. And its wooden legs are fatigue tested and very durable, adding a touch of natural allure.

It's great for home décor, office lobby, and a visitor's seat in an executive office. Get this chair at a 31% discount on our store.

SMUG High-Quality Bonded Leather Chair with Padded Backrest

If you’re looking for a chair that functions well both as an ergonomic office chair and a gaming chair, then this high-quality bonded leather chair is for you. It enables you to enjoy long work hours or gaming without incurring backaches.

It features a 120o adjustable backrest, 90o – 180o flip-up armrests, 360o swivel with simple pneumatic controls. This allows you to sit forward or tilt your chair for reclining comfortably at any time. Its legs are finished off with a strong and durable chrome base & nylon casters for easy mobility on every surface.

This easy-to-install racing chair supports up to 300 pounds. You can get it at a 21% discount on PriceDepot online store.

SMUG High Back Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Headrest

Whether you work in a regular office or work from home, this chair is a great addition to any office. This high-back mesh office chair is specifically designed to offer ergonomic support for long work hours.

Its combined features of soft armrests, comfortable headrest, padded seat, and lumbar support offer you the most comfortable sitting experience. It is made from premium breathable mesh material and a memory foam seat that won’t succumb to abrasion easily.

The backrest and headrest of this chair are adjustable and can support up to 300lbs. Its 360o rotating nylon casters are very durable. The chair is also easy to install.

Finding the Right Chair For You (Buyer’s Guide)

There are several factors to consider when buying a chair. They include:

Material and Padding

Chairs are made with various materials; your choice depends on your needs. Most office chairs are made from mesh fabric or leather, whereas relaxation chairs are often velvet. Mesh office chairs are more breathable, while leather or faux leather ones offer a classy, luxurious look.

Some chairs have soft cushioning, while some others feature firmer padding. Chairs made with firmer padding generally offer more support for prolonged sitting.

Seat Dimensions

It is important to get a chair with the right dimensions suited to your height and weight. This will ensure you're comfortable and will also ensure the chair's durability.

Armrest Options

Chairs with armrests offer more comfort and relaxation than slipper chairs. Office chairs generally come with armrests because you’ll need all the comfort you can get for a long working session. Some ergonomic chairs are designed with adjustable armrests for more comfort.

Ergonomic Office Chair Features

In choosing an ergonomic office chair, you should check for key features like lumbar support, tilt control, and adjustable height. These are important because they determine how comfortable the chair will be and its flexibility. You could also consider other features like mobility and headrest adjustability.


Your choice of a chair goes a long way in determining how well you’ll enjoy your space. The right chair will make your space your safe sanctuary. And that’s why you need to find the right chairs. We’re certain you won’t go wrong following this guide when choosing your chair.

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